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Dialysis complications

You get a patch from EMS that they are bringing in a patient from dialysis with a complication of their AV fistula. Take the time now to update yourself on bleeding fistulas, clotted fistula, and more at WikEM – Dialysis Complications.… Read more

Hemophilia Calculations

Dosing emergent factor replacement in the management of hemophilia (A &B) requires a small amount of mental math.

  • For Hemophilia A: 1 IU rFIX/kg will increase the plasma concentration by 2%
  • For Hemophilia B: 1 IU rFIX/kg will increase the plasma concentration by 1%
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Pneumonia Antibiotics

As winter is upon those in the United States, make sure you are treating your patients with pneumonia using the appropriate antibiotics.   Outpatient treatment is divided among those with significant comorbidities and those without.  The inpatient regimens distinguish between hospital associated, community acquired and those requiring the ICU.… Read more

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