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WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is a point of care reference that can be accessed on the web or downloaded to your mobile device. An international cadre of volunteer medical practitioners keep WikEM current, supported by close editorial oversight.

WikEM is intended for clinicians and not directly for patients. If you are a medical practitioner, please consider joining our contributor community. A project of the OpenEM Foundation, WikEM is supported by contributions from its users. Visit our Donation Page and help make free and open access to medical knowledge possible.

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iOS 8
Our current app for iOS does not work correctly on iOS 8.  We are actively preparing an update. If you have updated to iOS 8 then please use the main site which will be optimized for mobile viewi...
ECGpedia has kindly offered WikEM the use of their ECG images under their creative commons licensing. This will allow our cardiology articles to have great images highlighting ECG pathology.
September Journal Club: HACA Trial
This month we are going to be reviewing the original hypothermia trial, the HACA: Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest Trial. This trial started it all, along with the Bernard Trial back in 2002.  Ju...

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