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WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is a point of care reference available on the web or via our dedicated mobile applications. If you are a medical practitioner, join our contributor community and help edit our content.

WikEM is a project of the nonprofit OpenEM Foundation. See what others are saying about us and please donate to help make open access to medical knowledge possible!


New Assistant Editor – Neil Young, MD

Neil Young

The WikEM Team, welcomes Dr. Neil Young to the editorial staff as our new Assistant Editor.  His current contributions to the wiki and peer review of existing content has been extensive. He consistently ranks at the top of our contributor list. As we previ...

Dr. Marissa Camilon on WikEM

Current section editor and American Resident Project Fellow Marissa Camilon, MD recently interviewed with Figure 1 about the power of information technology to advance medical education.  The goal of WikEM has always been to bring open medical knowledge and to the patient’s bedside around the world.… Read more

Turn your phone into a mobile medical practice!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.49.23 PM

WikEM is grateful to announce its first sponsor: Push Health, a free and innovative service that turns your phone into a mobile medical practice. E-prescribe, order labs, message patients, and earn some extra money.


Find out more at Push Health!

 … Pertussis

Kavita Joshi and Alex Koyfman from UTSW have put together a nice review bedside reference for PertusisRead more