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| Inferior
| Inferior
| colspan="1" rowspan="3" | -Hypotension (NTG/morphine)                     -Supranodal 1 ̊ HB
| colspan="1" rowspan="3" | -Hypotension (NTG/morphine)                      

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ECG Leads Location Coronary Artery Complications
V1-V3 Anteroseptal. LAD Left ventricular dysfunction:

-Decreased CO2


-Left PFB

-Infranodal block (2 ̊or 3 ̊)

V2-V4 Anterior LAD
I, aVL, V5, V6 Lateral LCxA Left ventricular dysfunction:

-Decreased CO2

-CHF, Infranodal block (2 ̊or 3 ̊)

II, III, aVF Inferior RCA -Hypotension (NTG/morphine)                    



Infranodal block (2 ̊and 3 ̊)

-Papillary muscle rupture (murmur)

V4R (also II, III, aVF) Right ventricular RCA
R waves in V1, V2 (also V7-9) Posterior RCA (90%), LCA (10%)
avR (STE) Anterolateral Left Main

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