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'''Pain management in cirrhotic patients'''
'''Pain management in cirrhotic patients'''
*[[Acetaminophen]] is safe for short-term use at reduced dose of 2 grams total per day
*[[Acetaminophen]] is safe for short-term use at reduced dose of 2 grams total per day
*[[Gabapentin]] or pregabalin for neuropathic pain
*[[Gabapentin]] or [[pregabalin]] for neuropathic pain
*Avoid [[NSAIDs]]  
*Avoid [[NSAIDs]]  
*Avoid [[opioids]]  
*Avoid [[opioids]]  

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  • A generally irreversible fibrotic scarring of the liver parenchyma resulting in liver failure
  • The twelfth leading cause of death in men and women in 2013[1]

Clinical Features

Child-Pugh Score[2]

+1 +2 +3
Bilirubin <2mg/dL 2-3mg/dL >3 Mg/dL
Albumin >3.5mg/dL 2.8-3.5mg/dL <2.8mg/dL
INR <1.7 1.7-2.2 >2.2
Ascites No ascites Ascites, medically controlled Ascites, poorly controlled
Encephalopathy No encephalopathy Encephalopathy, medically controlled Encephalopathy, poorly controlled
  • Score ≤ 7 = Class A = 100% and 85% one and two-year patient survival
  • Score 7 - 9 = Class B = 80% and 60% one and two-year patient survival
  • Score ≥ 10 = Class c = 45% and 35% one and two-year patient survival

MELD Score[3]

MELD-Na Score 3-month mortality
40 71.3%
30-39 52.6%
20-29 19.6%
10-19 6.0%
<9 1.9%

Differential Diagnosis


Complications of cirrhosis

Pain management in cirrhotic patients


  • Often complex and should be based on presence/absence of acute complications
  • If no complications present, discussion with patient's primary care provider or gastroenterologist recommended

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