Crotinarius mushrooms

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Cortinarius mushroom
  • Contain toxin Orellanine
  • Cortinarius rainierensis in America
  • C. orellanus or C. speciosissimus in Europe

Clinical Features

  • Headache, chills, malaise, nausea and vomiting over days
  • Can see delayed renal failure 1-3 weeks after exposure

Differential Diagnosis

Mushroom toxicity by Type

Mushroom Toxin Pathologic Effect
Amanita Amatoxin Hepatotoxicity
Coprine Disulfiram-like
Crotinarius Orellanine Delayed renal failure
Gyromitra Gyromitrin Seizures
Ibotenic Acid Anticholinergic
Muscarine Cholinergic
Orellanin Nephrotoxicity
Psilocybin Hallucinations



  • Urinalysis with microscopy
  • Urine electrolytes
  • Urine eosinophils


  • Supportive
  • If renal failure from mushroom exposure, recovery can take several weeks
  • May need temporary hemodialysis


See Also


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