Dental avulsion


  1. Dental emergency
  2. Often associated with alveolar ridge fracture


  1. Where is the tooth?
    1. May be intruded, aspirated, swallowed, or embedded in the oral mucosa
      1. Consider facial films, CXR



  1. Adult
    1. Replace avulsed tooth as soon as possible (as long as no alveolar ridge fx, no severe socket injury)
      1. If reimplanted within 1hr 66% chance of good outcome
      2. Rinse tooth in saline, suction socket (if necessary), reimplant tooth, bond tooth to neighboring teeth
      3. Manipulate tooth only by the crown
    2. Storage solution (in order of efficacy): Hank's balanced salt solution > Milk > saliva > saline
    3. Penicillin or clindamycin
  2. Child
    1. Do not reimplant primary teeth
      1. Refer to pedodontist for space maintainer

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