Dental fracture

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  1. Enamel (Ellis Class I)
    1. Routine f/u only; nothing to do
  2. Enamel + dentin (yellowish) (Ellis Class II)
    1. Pts experience sensitivity to hot/cold stimuli and air passing over tooth during breathing
    2. Cover exposed dentin to decrease pulpal contamination
      1. Place dental cement over fracture site
      2. Next day f/u
  3. Enamel + dentin + pulp (reddish) (Ellis Class III)
    1. On wiping fractured surface with gauze, blood is easily seen
    2. Immediate referral (dental emergency)
    3. If no dentist is available:
      1. Cover exposed pulp with calcium hydroxide base
      2. Cover this and the remaining exposed dentin with dental cement

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