Dental subluxation

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Differential Diagnosis

Dentoalveolar Injuries

Odontogenic Infections


Extrusive Luxation

  1. Reposition tooth
  2. Follow up within 24hr for stabilization
  3. Temporizing measure: Periodontal pack in which tooth is bonded to its two neighboring teeth on both sides

Lateral Luxation

  1. More extensive injury than extrusive luxation
    1. Associated with cracking or fracture of the surrounding alveolar bone
  2. Treatment
    1. Attempt repositioning of tooth
    2. Apply temporary splinting with periodontal dressing
    3. F/u within 24hr for stabilization

Intrusive Luxation

  1. Most serious because of significant damage to alveolar socket and periodontal ligament
  2. Treatment
    1. Allow tooth to erupt on its own

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