Diabetes mellitus (main)

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  • Growing in worldwide prevalence
  • Results from either inability of the body to release insulin from the pancreas or a resistance against the actions of insulin

Clinical Features

  • Patients with diabetes may be asymptomatic
  • Acute symptoms may range from those of nonketotic hyperglycemia (e.g. polyuria, polydipsia) to DKA (ill appearance, acetone breath, Kussmaul's breathing, somnolence)

Differential Diagnosis



Workup based on provider level of suspicion for emergent process such as DKA, HHS, sepsis

  • In asymptomatic patient may consider UA to check for ketones
  • Sick patients will require CBC, BMP, blood gas, EKG, additional tests at provider discretion


  • May consider IV hydration or IV insulin administered in the ED
  • All patients with diabetes newly diagnosed in the ED will require reliable follow-up for education and blood sugar monitoring
  • May consider discharging patient with prescription for metformin, starting dose is 850 mg daily

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