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  • Used to screen for suspected vertebral artery injury (VAI) in trauma after Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury[1]
  • A CTA to evaluate for VAI should be obtained in those meeting the modified Denver Criteria


  1. Lateralizing nueurologic deficit (not explained by head CT)
  2. Infarct on head CT
  3. Non-expanding cervical hematoma
  4. Massive epistaxis
  5. Anisocria or Horner Syndrome
  6. GCS < 8 without significant head CT findings
  7. Cervical spine fracture
  8. Basilar skull fracture
  9. Le Fort II or III facial fractures
  10. Seatbelt sign above the clavicle
  11. Cervical bruit or thrill


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  1. Bromberg, William. et al. Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury Practice Management Guidelines: The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma. J Trauma. 68 (2): 471-7, Feb 2010.