ECG rhythms

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I. Supraventricular

II. Junctional

III. Ventricular

IV. Conduction Disturbances

  • AV Block
    • First Degree
      • Prolonged PR interval (>200msec) but constant and always conducts
    • Second Degree
      • Type I
      • Mobitz I (Wenckeback)
        • Progressive prolongation with intermittent dropped QRS complexes
        • Progressively shortening RR intervals
      • Type II
      • Mobitz II
        • PR interval is constant with intermittent P waves not conducting QRS complexes
        • Surrounding RR intervals are constant
    • Third Degree
      • Complete Heart Block - no AV conduction
      • Dissociation between P waves and QRS complexes

V. Preterminal

VI. Preexcitation Syndromes

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