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Adult Dosing

Pediatric Dosing

Special Populations

  • Pregnancy Rating:
  • Lactation:
  • Renal Dosing
    • Renal impairment (Cr clearance <30)
      • Use 50% of usual dose or use UFH instead
    • Adult
    • Pediatric
  • Hepatic Dosing
    • Adult
    • Pediatric
  • Obesity
    • Weight-based dosing safe up to 190kg (no data available thereafter)



  • Allergy to class/drug

Adverse Reactions

  1. Bleeding
    1. Less common than with UFH
    2. Treatment
      1. Protamine
        1. Does not completely reverse LMWHs
        2. Carries significant anaphylaxis risk (0.2%); only use for major bleeding
        3. Dosing
          1. For Enoxaparin: protamine 1mg IV for every 1mg of enoxaparin given in previous 8h
            1. If 8–12h since last enoxaparin dose give 0.5mg IV for every 1mg of enoxaparin given
  2. Pruritus
  3. Local skin reaction


  • Half-life:
  • Metabolism:
  • Excretion:
  • Mechanism of Action:

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