Ethanol toxicity

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C- can you cut down

A- anyone annoyed

G- Guilty about drinking

E- Eye opener in am?


- withdrawals sxs- dysphoria, insomnia, anxiety, irritable, nause, agitation, tachy, HTN- all same for all three classes of drugs but complications and tx different

- substance abuse tx- detox, abstinence, reduce withdrawal sxs, retain pt in tx

- ongoing tx needed to maintain tx

- substitute long acting agent for abused drug and then taper- med should be oral, low potential for abuse/ overdose and low side effects

- out pt is mild to moderate

- inpt if DT's, psychotic, depressed

- behavioral interventions- contingency management, motivation, cognitive therapy

ETOH Metabloism

20-40 per hour

May D/C at <200 (Harbor)

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PANI 9/09