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==[[Distal Phalanx (Finger) Fracture]]==
==[[Distal Phalanx (Finger) Fracture]]==
* Evaluate for tendon damage
* Comminuted tuft fx
** Stable
* Longitudinal fx
** Usually non-displaced and stable
* Transverse fx
** Evaluate for angulation/displacement
* Intraarticular fx
* Nondisplaced: Splint with the DIP joint in extension (splint should extend past the tip of the distal phalanx
** Do not attempt to reduce comminuted tuft fx
* Refer for:
** Tendon dysfunction
** Nerve dysfunction
** Displacement or angulation
** Intraarticular fx
==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Fractures (Main)]]
*[[Hand Fracture]]
*[[Hand Diagnoses (Main)]]
*[[Hand Diagnoses (Main)]]

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  • Be wary of avulsion fx of base of phalanx
    • Lateral or medial fracture fragment = collateral ligament avulsion
    • Dorsal fracture fragment = extensor tendon avulsion
    • Palmar fracture fragment = volar plate avulsion
  • Flexion deformity of distal phalanx (mallet/baseball finger) = avulsion fx or extensor tendon rupture

Proximal Phalanx (Finger) Fracture

Middle Phalanx (Finger) Fracture

Distal Phalanx (Finger) Fracture

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