Gastrointestinal bleeding (peds)

This page is for pediatric patients. For adult patients, see: gastrointestinal bleeding


  • 4 Questions
    • Is this really blood?
    • Is blood really coming from the GI tract?
      • Blood in diaper may also be vaginal or urinary source
    • Is it a small or large amount
    • Has this happened before?

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis

Upper GI Bleeding

Upper GI Bleeding

<2 Mo 2 Mo–2 Y >2 Y
  • Swallowed maternal blood
  • Stress ulcer
  • Vascular malformation
  • Hemorrhagic disease of newborn (vitamin K deficiency)
  • Coagulopathy/bleeding diathesis

Lower GI Bleeding (peds)

<2 Mo 2 Mo–2 Y >2 Y


  • CBC
  • NG lavage
    • Consider for suspectedsig. GI blood loss
    • Small child: 12F NG tube; instill 50cc saline
    • Older child: 14-16F NG tube; instill 100-200cc saline
    • Aspirate after 2-3min


  • Contingent on underlying etiology


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