Intubation (peds)

Airway Adjuncts

  • OP Airway Size:
    • from lip/teeth to angle of jaw
  • NP Airway:
    • tip of nose to tragus
  • BVM in Kids
    • 10cc/kg


ETT Size: (Age/4) + 4


  • 1kg 2.5mm tube at 7cm depth
  • 2g 3.0mm tube at 8 cm depth
  • 3kg 3.5 tube at 9 cm depth

Cuffed 1/2 size smaller than cuffless

Depth of Tube Placement: 3 x ETT

Why uncuffed in kids:

because cricoid ring is narrowest portion of the airway...uncuffed up to 6

Other Tubes:

  • NG, OG, foley: 2 x ETT
  • Chest Tube (max) 4x ETT

ETT Drug Delivery

Endotracheal Drug Delivery: 1:1000 solution @ 0.1 mg/kg = 0.1ml/kg


Adapted from Pani, DeBonis