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Myths in Emergency Medicine

Out now! Myths in Emergency Medicine debunks and documents the history and facts behind the most pervasive and common myths in Emergency Medicine.

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App Content

If you newly installed the app or upgraded your phone and reinstalled the app and don’t see any content, connect to wifi and click the blue update button to download a fresh offline copy of the wiki. The app does not update on cellular by default to prevent data charges due to the size of the initial download that must occur for you to have the entire wiki offline… Read more

Kaji Review Volume 3

Just released, the Kaji Review Volume 3 adds additional questions to the already best selling Kaji Review Volumes 1 and 2! Book sales support the Harbor-UCLA Dept of EM re...

New wiki redesign

Our new redesign is live! Please provide any comments on this forum thread https://forum.wikem.org/t/redesign-feedback/936

The login issues that have plagued many users especially on Android during the last week should hopefully be fixed.  Thank you for bearing with us as we grow.  As always, if you enjoy WikEM, please donate.  Everything from the software to the content is made for free and open use. Without a small amount of money software development and maintenance for WikEM is not possible.

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Website Maintance

A recent issue with our android app and in preparation for our site upgrade we are undergoing maintenance. We anticipate being online within the next hour.… Read more

Android app

Update: the app has been restored.

For an unknown reason, our Android app has just been removed from the app store. Little to no information has been provided to us from Google and we are working to get the app reinstated.… Read more