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New podcast

We need you! See something you could improve? Make an edit and help improve WikEM for everyone.


App testing

WikEM has a completely redesigned app. Although it currently looks the same almost everything is different behind the scenes and we need testers.

  1. Android: https://forms.gle/DnQE69LywLHNtKPo7
  2. iOS https://forms.gle/4jh6RxzRaANvAPaS8

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COVID-19 Therapies

We continue to build out a comprehensive COVID-19 resource with the addition of many currently experimental medical therapies.… Read more

Prevention of COVID-19 transmission in the healthcare setting

Although much of the emergent focus has been on management of the Covid19 patient with respiratory distress, prevention of transmission in and out of the ED within the rest of the hospital is of great importanceRead more

New trauma podcast

In this era of social distancing and online learning, check out Trauma ICU Rounds, new podcast by Dr. Dennis Kim, that provides concise, clinically relevant information on topics that span the spectrum of critical care, emergency general surgery, and trauma surgery. You can find it on its website, iTunes, or the other major directories. … Read more

WikEM Recent Changes

With lots of edits happening on the WikEM daily it can be overwhelming to know where to help with edits. Following the recent changes page can help give context.… Read more

Covid19 WikEM consortium

A lot of development has been happening with regards to the Covid19 page and associated pages. Please see here if you would like to help out with efforts… Read more


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