Mask squeeze

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  • Occurs when air is not added to facemask during scuba diving descent

Barotrauma Types

Diving Physiology

  • Pascals Law applies to the diving body (without air filled areas such as lungs) states that the pressure applied to any part of the enclosed liquid will be transmitted equally in all directions through the liquid.
  • Boyles Law applies to the diving body's air filled areas such as lungs, sinuses, middle ear, and states that the volume and pressure of a gas at a given temperature are inversely related.
    • At 2 ATA (10m/33ft) a given gas would be 1/2 it's volume, at 3 ATA (20m/66ft) it would be 1/3 it's volume and so on.
Boyle's Law

Clinical Features

Mild barotrauma to a diver caused by mask squeeze

Differential Diagnosis

Diving Emergencies


  • Clinical diagnosis


  • Dependant on presentation, generally supportive care


  • Outpatient

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