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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Otitis Media]]
*[[Otitis Media]]
*[[Eponyms_(A-B)#Bezold.27s_abscess|Bezold abscess]]

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  • Inflammation of middle ear spreads into mastoid air cells via the "aditus ad antrum"
    • Can extend into cranial cavity and lead to brain abscess
  • Vast majority of acute mastoiditis occurs as a result of, or simultaneous with, acute otitis media
    • Mastoiditis is unlikely if middle ear examination is normal

Clinical Features

  • Abnormal TM findings
  • Abnormal mastoid findings
    • Erythema, edema tenderness
  • Abnormal pinna findings
    • Protrusion of auricle, obliteration of postauricular crease
  • Cranial nerve VI and VII palsies


  • Middle ear fluid cultures
  • CT mastoid with IV contrast
    • Delineates extent of bony involvement
    • Helps to diagnosis abscess formation


  • IV Abx
    • Vancomycin + (ceftazidime OR cefepime OR piperacillin-tazobactam)


  • Admit

See Also