Patellofemoral syndrome

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  • Major cause of anterior knee pain (especially in women)
    • Pain comes from contact of posterior surface of patella with the femur
  • 3 major causes:
    • 1. Focal trauma (least common)
    • 2. Overuse
    • 3. Abnormal patellar tracking (due to quadriceps weakness)

Clinical Features

  • Gradual onset of unilateral, anterior knee pain, nonradiating
  • Pain worsened by prolonged knee flexion ("moviegoer syndrome") and stair climbing
  • Patellar grind test
    • Press patella away from femoral condyles while pt contracts the quadriceps
      • Sudden patellar pain and relaxation of the muscle is positive test


  • Conservative therapy (w/ emphasis on physical therapy and strengthening)

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