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===[[Purpura]]al Rash===
===[[Purpura]]al Rash===
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  • Palpable petechiae and purpura are a result of either perivascular inflammation (vasculitis) or infection.
  • Non-palpable petechiae usually occur in low platelet states such as ITP and DIC

Rash Red Flags[1]

Clinical Features

Palpable Purpura

Both petechia and purpura do not blanch

  • Purpura subdivided into:
    • <2mm of hemorrhage: petechiae
    • >2mm of hemorrhage: ecchymoses

Purpuraal Rash

Differential Diagnosis

Petechiae/Purpura (by cause)

Petechiae/Purpura (by findings)


Purpural Rash


  • Management directed by underlying condition


See Also


  1. Nguyen T and Freedman J. Dermatologic Emergencies: Diagnosing and Managing Life-Threatening Rashes. Emergency Medicine Practice. September 2002 volume 4 no 9.