Radial styloid fracture

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  • Also referred to as a Hutchinson or Chauffeur's fracture
  • Often accompanied by lunate dislocation
  • Often associated with carpal instability (carpal ligaments insert on the radial styloid)

Clinical Features

  • Wrist pain
  • Common mechanisms include direct blow to or fall onto radial aspect of wrist[1]

Differential Diagnosis

Distal radius fractures

Distal radius fracture eponyms

Eponyms Description
Barton's Fracture-dislocation of radiocarpal joint (with intra-articular fracture involving the volar or dorsal lip)
Chauffer's Fracture of radial styloid
Colles' Dorsally displaced, extra-articular fracture
Die-punch Depressed fracture of the lunate fossa (articular surface)
Smith's Volar displaced, extra-articular fracture


  • PA and lateral views of the wrist


General Fracture Management

Acute Reduction

  • Reduce displaced fractures to align attachments at the radial styloid process[1]


  • Short arm splint; position wrist in mild flexion and ulnar deviation


  • Outpatient

See Also


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