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*Preventable condition in infants and children that is attributed to [[Vitamin D deficiency]] and [[Hypocalcemia]]
*Extreme deficiency leading to decrease bone mineralization in children, with or without hypocalcemia
*Risk factors for [[Vitamin D deficiency]] in infants include:
**Exclusive breastfed infants without vitamin D supplementation
**Dark skin pigmentation
**Maternal [[Vitamin D deficiency]]
***In utero, 25-hydroxyvitamin D passes through the placenta to the infant
==Clinical Features==
*Peak incidence between 3 and 18 months of age
*Enlarged skull, joints of long bones, and rib cage
*Curvature of the spine and femurs
*Generalized muscle weakness
==Differential Diagnosis==
*Prevention key:
**For healthy infants, children, and adolescents recommend a vitamin D intake of at least 400 IU/day
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