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{{Dysphagia DDX}}
{{Dysphagia DDX}}
[[File:Schatzkiring.jpg|thumbnail|Barium swallow with narrowing at ring]]
[[File:Schatzkiring.jpg|thumbnail|Barium swallow with narrowing at ring]]

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Schatzki ring at lower esophageal sphincter, one of four areas of natural narrowing.
  • Impacted food bolus common ED complaint
  • 4 areas of narrowing in the esophagus
    • Upper esophageal sphincter (cricopharyngeus muscle)
    • Aortic arch
    • L mainstem bronchus
    • Lower esophageal sphincter
  • Schatzki Ring: mucosal or muscular tissue ring

Clinical Features

  • Dysphagia with solid foods
  • Food sticking sensation with swallowing
  • Crushing chest pain with complete bolus obstruction
    • "Steakhouse syndrome"

Differential Diagnosis



Barium swallow with narrowing at ring
  • EGD
    • Esophageal webs do not completely encircle the esophagus
  • Barium swallow


  • No treatment for asymptomatic
  • Food bolus removed with endoscopy
  • Balloon dilation of symptomatic rings

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