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*H1 and H2 agonists
*H1 and H2 agonists
*Epi and albuterol if bronchospasm
*Epi and albuterol if bronchospasm
==See Also==
*[[Marine toxins and envenomations]]

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  • Frequently misdiagnosed as seafood allergy
  • Most of the cases associated with tuna, bluefish, and mahi-mahi
    • Also tuna, mackerel, skip-jack, and bonito
  • Bacteria in fish produce histamine that is then consumed

Clinical Presentation

  • flushing, warmth, erythematous rash, palpitations, and significant tachycardia
  • Occasionally headache, blurred vision, respiratory distress, and dizziness
  • Starts within one hour of ingestion
  • Usually resolves within 12 hours if untreated and has no long-term sequelae

Differential Diagnosis

Acute allergic reaction


Usually clinical


  • H1 and H2 agonists
  • Epi and albuterol if bronchospasm

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