Sgarbossa's criteria


  • Assesses likelihood that pt w/ chest pain and baseline LBBB is having a STEMI
  • Criteria do NOT need to be found in contiguous leads
  • RBBB should NEVER have ST elevation
  • Low Sn, High Sp


  • ST elevation ≥1 mm in a lead with upward (concordant) QRS complex - 5 points
  • ST depression ≥1 mm in lead V1, V2, or V3 - 3 points
  • ST elevation ≥5 mm in a lead with downward (discordant) QRS complex - 2 points


  • ≥3 points = 98% probability of STEMI

See Also

ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)


  • Sgarbossa, American Heart Journal 2006