Sgarbossa's criteria


  • Sgarbossa Criteria help in assessing the likelihood that a patient with chest pain and a baseline LBBB is having a STEMI
  • Low Sensitivity, High Specificity

Sgarbossa Criteria

  • ST-segment elevation ≥1 mm in a lead with upward (concordant) QRS complex (5 points)
  • ST-segment depression ≥1 mm in lead V1, V2, or V3 (3 points)
  • ST-segment elevation ≥5 mm in a lead with downward (discordant) QRS complex (2 points)

Points Probability STEMI 0 16% 5-10 88-100%


  • Unlike general AHA STEMI criteria, the Sgarbossa criteria do NOT need to be found in contiguous leads
  • RBBB should NEVER have ST elevation


Sgarbossa, American Heart Journal 2006