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===[[Marine toxins and envenomations]]===
===[[Marine toxins, envenomations, and bites]]===
**[[Tetrodotoxin]] (e.g. pufferfish)
**[[Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning]]
**Shellfish poisoning
**[[Paralytic shellfish poisoning]]
***Amnesic shellfish poisoning
***Diarrheal shellfish poisoning
***[[Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning]]
***[[Paralytic shellfish poisoning]]
**[[Stingray injury]]
**[[Stingray injury]]
*Venomous fish (catfish, zebrafish, scorpion fish, stonefish)
*Venomous fish  
**Sea urchins
**[[Cone shell envenomation|Cone shell]]
**Cone shells
**[[Lionfish envenomation|Lionfish]]
**[[Sea urchins]]
**[[Crown-of-Thorns Starfish]]
**Other: Catfish, zebrafish, scorpion fish
**Coral reef
**[[Fire coral]]
**Jellyfish (Cnidaria)
**Jellyfish (Cnidaria)
***[[Box jellyfish]]
****[[Irukandji syndrome]]
***[[Sea wasp sting|Sea wasp]]
**Portuguese man-of-war
**Portuguese man-of-war
**[[Sea anemones]]
**Fire Corals
**[[Seabather's eruption]]
**Sea anemones
*[[Phylum porifera]] (sponges)
**Sea wasps
**[[Octopus Bites | Octopus]]
**[[Alligator and crocodile attacks]]
**[[Octopus bite]]
**[[Shark bite]]
**''[[Vibrio]]'' species in saltwater
**''[[Aeromonas]]'' species in freshwater

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Marine toxins, envenomations, and bites