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[[Myxedema Coma]]
[[Myxedema Coma]]
Endo: Hypothyroidism

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Spectrum of Disease

Hypo <--> Hyper

myxedema coma << hypothyroid < euthyroid < hyperthyroid << thyroid storm


  1. cretinism- no congenital t3/t4
  2. parafollicular C cells make calcitonin to keep the bone in
  3. endemic goiter- if pt from area c low iodine I intake
  4. free t3 & t4 determines thyroid state- not total plasma conc
  5. t4-> t3 active & rt3 inactive
  6. trh -> tsh -> t4 ->t3. t3 I's pittry
  7. hthal pitutry gland
  8. thyroid state changes dtr relax and contract speed and bmr O2 use.

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Myxedema Coma