Tinea cruris

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  • Dermatophyte infection involving the crural fold
  • Colloquially known as 'jock itch'
  • Most commonly caused by Tinea rubrum
  • More common in men than women
  • May result from the spread of other concurrent tinea infections
  • More common in obese, diabetics, and immunodeficient

Tinea Types

Clinical Features

Tinea cruris
  • Begins with an erythematous patch on the proximal medial thigh
  • Inward spread with partial central clearing
  • Sharply demarcated border, erythematous, elevated
  • May spread to perineum, perianally, onto buttocks, or into gluteal cleft
  • Typically spares the scrotum

Differential Diagnosis

Testicular Diagnoses



  • Typically a clinical diagnosis
  • Scraped skin from affected area in KOH prep will show segmented hyphae



  • Outpatient

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