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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Eye pain]]
*[[Acute angle closure glaucoma]]
*[[Acute angle closure glaucoma]]
==External Links==

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To Use (if already calibrated)

  • Depressing the Operator Button ONCE
  • Monitor should show TWO lines (====).
  • Use on eye

To Calibrate

  • The Pen should be calibrated if the batteries have been changed or if the LCD reads “CAL” followed by “- - - -”.
  • Calibration involves depressing the Operator Button TWICE and getting ONE line (- - - -).
  • If so,
    1. Point the transducer end straight down towards the floor.
    2. Press the Operator Button “distinctly, two times, within 1.5 seconds.”
    3. Initially “CAL” appears on the LCD, followed by “UP” (after about 15 - 30 seconds!)
    4. Invert the transducer end to point straight up toward the sky.
      • A properly functioning Pen will display “”Good”.
      • If “bAd”, repeat the calibration again.

If unsuccessful

Options include:

  • clean the tip (compressed air is recommended)
  • change the batteries.
    • Use the little probe that came with the Pen to open the battery compartment.
  • Tech Support
    • www.reichert.com
    • www.tonopen.us
    • 1-888-849-8955

See Also

External Links