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==Differential Diagnosis==
==Differential Diagnosis==
{{Transfusion reaction types}}
{{Transfusion reaction types}}
{{Acute Allergic DDX}}

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  • Due to granulocyte recruitment and degranulation within the lung
  • More common with FFP and platelet transfusions (extremely rare with pRBC transfusion alone)
    • pRBCs do contain residual plasma and can have TRALI

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis

Transfusion Reaction Types

Acute allergic reaction


  • Time Frame: abrupt to within 6 hours of transfusion initiation


    • Strop transfusion
    • Treat like ARDS
    • Avoid diuresis


  • Bilateral pulmonary infiltrates due to noncardiogenic pulmonary edema within 6h of transfusion

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