University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine Program


The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Missouri School of Medicine is dedicated to providing high-quality emergency care for patients, offering exceptional educational experiences for residents and students, and continually pursuing knowledge and scholarship. They provide state-of-the-art care with more than 70,000 patient visits annually at two locations – University Hospital, an ACS-verified Level 1 trauma center, and MU Women's and Children's Hospital. It's an exciting time of expansion for the MU Health System, which is building a strong and diverse faculty and staff to support both excellence in clinical care and academics.


  • Department Chair: Matt Robinson
  • Program Director: Brian Bausano
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Christopher Sampson
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Alisa Hayes
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Tim Koboldt
  • Research Director: Chadd Kraus

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

University of Missouri-Columbia Health Care System

Secondary Hospital

MU Women's & Children's Hospital



  • Emergency Medicine x 4 Blocks
  • Peds Emergency Medicine x 1 Block
  • New Born/Pediatrics x 1 Block
  • Medical ICU x 1 Block
  • Orientation Month x 1 Block
  • Anesthesia/Ultrasound x 1 Block
  • Emergency Medicine Services x 1 Block
  • Obstetrics x 1 Block
  • Specialty Clinic x 1 Block
  • Acute Care Surgery x 1 Block


  • Emergency Medicine x 7 Blocks
  • Peds Emergency Medicine x 2 Blocks
  • Pediatric ICU x 1 Block
  • Surgical ICU x 1 Block
  • Neurology x 1 Block
  • Cardiology x 1 Block


  • Emergency Medicine x 7 Blocks
  • Peds Emergency Medicine x 2 Blocks
  • Evidenced Based Medicine x 1 Block
  • Elective/Administrative x 1 Block
  • Elective x 2 Blocks

EMS Experience is integrated over course of 3 years



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Nicole Garner Email: Phone: +1 573 884 3233 Fax: +1 573 884 5410

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