WikEM:Mobile Apps

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WikEM is available at the Android App Market. The application is free. To update the collection of notes in the app, just press the 'menu button' then 'update database'.

iPhone / iPod Touch

WikEM is available for iPhone and iPod Touch at the iTunes store. Search for "WikEMv3" within the App store. The application is free.


  1. For every download except the initial, you must first:
    1. Delete all of the old Wik-EM memos in your home computer; in Outlook: select Notes, right click on the Wik-EM, and delete (do not delete any other memos you may be keeping)
    2. Sync with your Blackberry and press "Accept" when it asks if you wish to delete all memos on your Blackberry
  2. Redownload following the steps below
    1. visit http://wik-em.sabindang.com/database.csv via Windows Internet Explorer on your home computer
    2. you should be asked to open or save database.csv. Select save
    3. open up Outlook, select file >> import and export
    4. Select import from another program or file
    5. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows)
    6. Select database.csv
    7. Import the file to your Notes section
    8. Hit next through the next few screens
    9. The Notes should then appear in your Outlook notes section, next you need to Synch your Blackberry with Outlook via your standard manner
    10. The Notes will appear on your Blackberry under the "MemoPad" icon (sometimes you need to find the icon, which can be moved, in your "Applications" folder)
    11. For Blackberry users, currently you will have to repeat the above procedure to get new Note updates/improvements. You may wish to do this every month or so.


Problems? Questions? Please email Dan Ostermayer d.ostermayer@gmail.com