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*File:Hypernatremia - New Page.jpeg
*File:Hypernatremia - New Page.jpeg
*File:Elevated Serum Lactate - New Page.jpeg
*File:Elevated Serum Lactate - New Page.jpeg
*File:Classification of Hyperbilirubinemia.jpeg

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The WikEM algorithm project is a set of algorithms and other charts that are editable using a shared [www.lucidchart.com Lucid Chart] account. This works better than trying to make the charts in mediawiki language.

How It Works

  1. Chart is made in Lucid Chart
  2. Chart is saved as jpeg
  3. Chart is uploaded to WikEM
  4. Chart is included in relevant pages
  5. Chart can be edited by going to Lucid Chart by other users (so they don't have to remake the whole algorithm to change it)
  6. Same process is used to upload new image version in original file



  • Login: WikEM
  • Password: wikem1


Special thanks to Dr. Tom Fadial (http://ddxof.com/) for use of his charts and work.


  • File:TBI GCS.jpg
  • File:Hypernatremia - New Page.jpeg
  • File:Elevated Serum Lactate - New Page.jpeg
  • File:Classification of Hyperbilirubinemia.jpeg