WikEM editorial levels

Editorial Levels

Level All time contribution score^ Current academic year contribution score^ Minimum time active on site Comments^^
Editor in Chief NA NA NA
Deputy Editor NA NA NA
Senior Editor 1,000 250 3 years
Senior Associate Editor 500 200 2 years
Associate Editor 250 100 1 year
Senior Assistant Editor 100 50 6 months
Assistant Editor 50 25 60 days
Resident Editor (if applicable) 40 20 NA
Contributor 0 0 NA All providers welcome!

^High quality edits as judged by the editorial staff

^^Please sign up for editorial discussion on WikEM on the Editor & Active Contributor mailing group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/wikem-editors and insert a bio on your user page.

Please email info@wikem.org when you reach a new level.


You may use the term "emeritus" after your highest past editor term, if you achieved it previously but are no longer actively editing (e.g. Assistant Editor Emeritus).

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