WikEM editorial levels

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Editorial Levels

Level All time contribution score^ Current academic year contribution score^ Minimum time active on site Additional^^
Editor in Chief NA NA NA NA
Deputy Editor NA NA NA NA
Senior Editor 1,000 250 3 years
Senior Associate Editor 500 200 2 years
  • Initiates or assumes responsibility for one or more projects
Associate Editor 250 100 1 year
  • Assists with one or more admin functions
Senior Assistant Editor 100 50 6 months NA
Assistant Editor 50 25 60 days
  • Has bio on user page (see example of other editors)
  • Signed up for editorial discussion on the Editor & Active Contributor mailing group and Slack site (email dan@wikem.org for invite).
Contributor 0 0 NA
  • All providers welcome!

^High quality edits as judged by the editorial staff

^^Must have met all of the additional requirements below, plus those for that level

Please email info@wikem.org when you reach a new level. You must meet the criteria for all sections at that level.

All editors will also be given a wikem.org email which they can use to join the Editorial Discussion forum


You may use the term "emeritus" after your highest past editor term, if you achieved it previously but are no longer actively editing (e.g. Assistant Editor Emeritus).

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