Shoulder x-ray interpretation

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Standard Views

AP view
Y view
AP-projection 40° posterior oblique after Grashey

The body has to be rotated about 30 to 45 degrees towards the shoulder to be imaged, and the standing or sitting patient lets the arm hang. This view reveals the joint gap and the vertical alignment towards the socket.

Transaxillary projection

The arm should be abducted 80 to 100 degrees. This view reveals:

  • The horizontal alignment of the humerus head in respect to the socket and the lateral clavicle in respect to the acromion
  • Lesions of the anterior and posterior socket border, or of the tuberculum minus
  • The eventual non-closure of the acromial apophysis
  • The coraco-humeral interval

The lateral contour of the shoulder should be positioned in front of the film in a way that the longitudinal axis of the scapula continues parallel to the path of the rays. This view reveals:

  • The horizontal centralization of the humerus head and socket
  • The osseous margins of the coraco-acromial arch and hence the supraspinatus outlet canal
  • The shape of the acromion

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