Behçet's disease

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  • Chronic small-vessel vasculitis
  • Mucocutaneous, ocular, cardiovascular, renal, GI, pulmonary, urologic, musculoskeletal, CNS involvement
  • Aphthous oral ulcers + ≥ 2 of following: Genital aphthae, cutaneous lesions, and neurological, oral or rheumatologic manifestations

Vasculitis Syndrome Types

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis


  • Clinical diagnosis
  • ESR/CRP elevated


  • International Study Group Criteria
  • Recurrent oral aphthae (at least 3 times in 1 year) + 2 of the following in absence of other systemic diseases:
    • Recurrent genital aphthae
    • Eye lesions
    • Skin lesions
    • A positive pathery test



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