Biologic immunomodulators



The various letters chosen in the name indicated the structure, origin, and targets of the molecule. For example ixekizumab for psoriasis ends with –mab, so it is a monoclonal antibody, has a –u- so it is human and has –ki- which means that it is interleukin targeted.[2]


  • -mab means a monoclonal antibody
  • –cept indicates a protein that mimics an immunoglobulin.

Middle syllable

  • –u- means all human derived
  • -o- means all mouse derived
  • -zu- means humanized after being mouse derived
  • –xi- means part-human and part-non human.

Middle bridging syllable

This lettering can indicate the biologic's target

  • t- means tumor is the target.
  • –ba- means there is bacterium target.
  • –so- means bone is targeted.
  • –ci- targets circulation.
  • –fu- targets fungus.
  • –gro- targets growth factor.
  • –ki- or –li- which means it is interleukin or immune targeted.

Adverse events

Special considerations

  • No live vaccines should be given to these patients.