Diabetic peripheral neuropathy


  • Diagnosis of exclusion
  • Most prevalent chronic complication of diabetes, risk of injuries due to insensate feet
  • Ultimately need follow up with primary care, not to be managed in the ED


  • Distal symmetric polyneuropathy (DSPN), most common at 75% of all neuropathies
  • Mononeuropathies (cranial nerves, radiculopathy)
  • Diabetic autonomic neuropathies

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis



  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Blood glucose level
  • See diabetes


  • Optimize glucose control
  • First-line medications per ADA position paper 2017[1]
    • Pregabalin 50 - 100 mg PO TID, starting at 50 mg TID, increasing to 100 mg TID after 1 week, max dose 600 mg/day[2]
      • More rapid onset of action and less titration necessary as compared to gabapentin[3]
      • However, extremely cost prohibitive for self-pay
    • Duloxetine at 60 - 120 mg/day, starting 30 mg PO BID, increasing to goal after 1 week, max 120 mg/day
      • SNRI, anti-depressant, not as cost-prohibitive as pregabalin
      • Does not appear to be associated with significant cardiovascular risk[4]
  • Gabapentin is a questionably effective medication, but is low cost and has a relatively tolerable side effect profile


  • Follow up with primary care for long-term management and up-titration of medications if started in the ED
  • Admission for severe complications, such as severe diabetic foot infection

See Also


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