Herpes Simplex Virus-2

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Herpes Virus Types

Clinical Features

  • multiple painful lesions
  • no buboes (occasionally shoddy lymphadenopathy)
  • more common in Black patients
  • starts with small clumps of blisters that may have been preceded with local pain, tingling, itching, and burning
  • +/- constitutional symptoms (fever, fatigue, myalgias, headaches)

Differential Diagnosis

Sexually transmitted diseases


  • Clinical diagnosis if visible lesions present.


Initial Episode[1][2]


  • Acyclovir OR
    • 400mg PO q8hrs x 5 days
    • or 800mg PO q12hrs x 5 days
    • or 800mg PO q8hrs x 2 days
  • Valacyclovir OR
    • 500mg PO q12hrs x 3 days
    • or 1g PO qd x 5 days
  • Famciclovir
    • 125mg PO q12hrs for 5 days
    • or 1g PO q12hrs for 1 day
    • or 500mg PO once, followed by 250mg PO q12hrs for 2 days

Suppressive Therapy[1]


  • Generally outpatient

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