Harbor:Same/Next Day Specialty Clinic Follow up

  • OOP, MHLA, DHS can all do this
  • Typically used for: Ophtho, ENT, Ortho Cast room, OMFS, L&D
  • Discuss with the specialist and get name of approving doctor
    • Patient gets DISCHARGED to specialty clinic, unless needs to come back to ED for admission/OR.
    • Continuation of ED care to stabilize their presenting emergent medical condition.
    • This allows consultants to evaluate and treat patients in their clinic as opposed to coming to the ED
  • Process/Troubleshooting:
  1. Get agreement from consultant
  2. Must be seen in 24 hours or next business day (if weekend)
  3. ED Care should be complete
  4. Must be during normal clinic operating hours and clinic must be open (Cast room is open until 11 pm 7 days a week)
  5. ED physician should note time and place for patient to follow-up on the ED discharge paperwork, and make sure patient takes paperwork with them to clinic
  6. ED Clerk schedules the visit as appropriate
  7. If any issues, consider attending involvement and/or contact DEM Admin on Duty via cell.