Helping out on WikEM

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Getting Started

Thanks for wanting to help out on WikEM! People are the core of the wiki. Your knowledge translates into improved bedside practice for everyone.

To get started

If you are looking for ways to contribute


Ways to Contribute

Things We are Working On

Take a look at Recent Changes to see what people have been working on lately.


  • Help with minor spelling errors and removal of unclear abbreviations (e.g. pt, fx, cx)
  • Help convert trade drug names (Benadryl) to generic (diphenhydramine)
  • Contribute to a Journal Club review
  • Adding more images to the site
  • Add drug information to the site
  • Developing "Differential Diagnosis" sections using the transposition function (which makes these same differentials appear on multiple pages in the differential)

Special Pages to Assist

These Special pages can help give you ideas on what needs to be updated on the site:

  • Needed Pages
    • These are all pages that either need to be made or should be linked to an already existing page. Help by making them.
  • Dead End Pages
    • All of the pages in this list have no links to other pages. Help us make content easier to find by adding links in the text (using the '''NameofPageLink''' function) and a See Also section at the bottom.
  • Oldest Pages
    • These are the oldest pages without recent edits. They are perfect for people looking for content to update.
  • Pages with the Fewest Revisions
    • Similar to the oldest pages list, these are the pages with the fewest revisions.
  • Orphaned Pages
    • Similar to the Dead End Pages, these pages do not have any links to them. Find some other notes to link to them.

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