Acute hepatitis

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Acute hepatitis

Clinical Features

Acute Hepatitis Features

Differential Diagnosis

RUQ Pain


  • LFTs
    • AST, ALT > 1000s
    • Elevated bilirubin
    • Elevated alk phosphatase
  • INR
  • Consider acetaminophen level
  • Acute hepatitis panel
    • Hep A Ab IgM
    • Hep B cAb IgM
    • Hep B sAg
    • Hep B sAb
    • Hep C Ab
Anti-hepatitis A, IgM Hepatitis B surface antigen Anti-hepatitis B core, IgM Anti-hepatitis C Interpretation
Positive Negative Negative Negative Acute hepatitis A
Negative Positive Positive Negative Acute hepatitis B
Negative Positive Negative Negative Chronic hepatitis B infection
Negative Negative Positive Negative Acute hepatitis B; quantity of hepatitis B surface antigen is too low to detect
Negative Negative Negative Positive Acute or chronic hepatitis C; additional tests are required to make the determination


  • Treat underlying cause


  • Consider admission for:
  1. Bilirubin > 20
  2. PT 50% above normal
  3. Hypoglycemia
  4. Hypoalbuminemia
  5. Any GI bleeding

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