Hyperviscosity syndrome


  • Increased serum viscosity due to:
  • Symptoms arise from poor capillary flow and organ congestion

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis

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Oncologic Emergencies

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  • CBC, coags, type and screen, chem 10
  • Urinalysis
  • CT head if neuro symptoms
  • CXR
  • Consider initiating inpatient testing with: Total protein, albumin, SPEP, UPEP, IgA, IgG, IgM
  • Note: ABGs might have SaO2 vs. SpO2 discrepancies
    • Causing spurious hypoxemia on ABG, with low PaO2 (as opposed to dyshemoglobinemia)
    • Due to "leukocyte larceny," "platelet larceny"[1][2][3]
    • Excessive O2 consumption by WBCs or platelets following blood sample collection


Symptoms of hyperviscosity can appear when one of the following occur:

  • Red cell mass > 25% of normal[4]
  • Platelets >600,000/µL[5]
  • Leukocytosis >100,000
  • Serum viscosity >4-5cP (normal 1.4-1.8cP)[6] or Globulin gap (Total protein - albumin) > 4


  • ABCs
  • IVF, supportive care
  • Ig mediated/Dysproteinemia
  • Leukostasis
    • Leukapheresis
  • Thrombocytosis
    • Plateletpheresis
    • Consider ASA
  • Polycythemia
    • Phlebotomy
  • If pheresis is not unavailable, phlebotomize 2-3 units, give 2-3 L IVF


  • Typically require admission if symptomatic
  • Hem/Onc consult

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