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Welcome to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Residency! We are one of the oldest EM residency programs in the country originating in 1974, and still going strong.

We are an ACGME accredited 3-year program, offering 14 positions each year. Our program director has been with us for over 25 years and is dedicated to his residents excelling and becoming the best emergency physicians possible.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center is a certified Adult Level 1 and Pediatric Level 2 Trauma Center and the only Burn Center in Toledo. Our ED volume in 2019 was about 66,000 patients. St. Vincent is also home to Nationwide Children’s Hospital-Toledo, which helps care for our tiniest of patients. We are an accredited Stroke and STEMI Center. Our residents have the opportunity to see a variety of both common and complex pathology. Senior residents have the option of participating in an aeromedicine curriculum starting in their second year of residency serving as the primary flight physicians for the Life Flight/Mobile Life Critical Care Transportation Network.

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  • Department Chair: David Johnson, MD
  • Program Director: Randall King, MD, FACEP
  • Associate Program Director: Alexander Dzurik, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  • Assistant Program Director: Aileen Newmyer, MD
  • Assistant Program Director: Courtney Keel, MD
  • Research Director: Michael Plewa, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center

Secondary Hospital

Mercy Health St. Charles Medical Center



  • 4 blocks Emergency Medicine - Our blocks are grouped by AM or PM shifts so there is consistency to promote a good sleep schedule and routine. You may also have 1 to 2 Observation Unit shifts during the day blocks.
  • 1 block Pediatric Emergency Medicine/1 block Peds/EMS - Residents on these blocks get first dibs on all pediatric patients in the department. 1 of those months includes 4 ride-alongs with Toledo Fire Department Paramedics (Peds/EMS block).
  • 2 blocks Trauma Surgery- We work side by side with the surgery residents to take care of our trauma patients.
  • 1 block MICU - This is a new change as of 2020. By request of the residents, we added one extra month of MICU to the curriculum for more ICU experience during the first year of residency. We work closely with the Internal Medicine residents during this block.
  • 1 block Observation Unit (AKA Extended Treatment Unit or ETU) - The ETU is run by the EM interns and EM faculty. This is a unique experience that allows us to see beyond when we admit a patient from the department. No other services or senior EM residents rotate in this unit, allowing the EM interns significant autonomy with just the right amount of guidance from faculty.
  • 1 block Pediatric ICU- We see the sickest of the sick kids. We also work alongside the pediatric residents and learn from dedicated PICU faculty.
  • 1 block Anesthesia/Ultrasound- The goal of this month is to become comfortable with intubations in a controlled setting as well as formal and informal ultrasound training in the ED. Tube in the morning, US Lube (US Gel) in the afternoon!
  • 1 block Obstetrics- Our focus is on deliveries and seeing consults from the ED.


  • 6 blocks Emergency Medicine
  • 1 block in the Emergency Medicine at St. Charles- This is our designated rural/community emergency medicine experience. This is our only off site rotation and is about 15 minutes away from St. Vincent.
  • 1 block Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • 1 block EMS - Recently adjusted this year to optimize second years being prepared to start flying at the beginning of their third year, this month is focused on completely all of the requirements to be approved by the AeroMed committee.
  • 1 block of Medical ICU
  • 1 block Trauma Surgical ICU - New this recent year based on feedback from residents and working with the surgery residents and trauma surgery attendings. You will respond to trauma alerts and priorities and round daily on the trauma ICU patients.
  • 2 blocks Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery - We are also part of the Stroke Response team during this month. You will become ENLS certified for these months. (In-house moonlighting available for neurosurgery during PGY-2 year)


  • 9 blocks Emergency Medicine - If you choose to fly with Life Flight, you will have longitudinal flight shifts during these months.
  • 1 block Pediatric Emergency Medicine/Teaching
  • 1 block Elective - This rotation is completely up to the resident. Some have done self-study with online modules, while some have traveled all around the world to do international medicine.
  • 1 block ED/Combo
  • 1 block Medical ICU

(Out-of-house moonlighting available and encouraged by the program during PGY-3 year)

Grand Rounds

  • Wednesday mornings 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Core Content: 20-30 minutes
  • Interesting Case conference
  • Monthly M&M conference
  • Simulation Grand Rounds
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Class-specific breakout sessions
  • 18 Month Curriculum
  • Team Building every "fifth-Wednesday of the month

Life Flight

Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center and St. Rita’s Medical Center form the Mercy Health Life Flight Network. This network provides air and ground transportation to the critically injured through operations of 4 air medical helicopters, 4 mobile intensive care units and more than 150 employees making a difference in lives every day. These services are provided to medical facilities and communities located throughout Southwest, Northwest and Northeast Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Life Flight Website

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