Neonatal rashes

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This page is for neonatal patients; for other age groups see general approach to rashes and pediatric rashes


Dermatology Nomenclature

Small lesions (<0.5cm)

  • Macule – flat, cirumscribed, colored, non palpable
  • Papule – raised, solid and palpable
  • Vesicle – raised, palpable, clear fluid-filled
  • Pustule – raised, palpable, pus filled (leukocytes or keratin)

Large lesions (>0.5cm)

  • Patch – large macule (flat non-palpable colored area)
  • Plaque – superficially raised, circumscribed solid area
  • Nodule – distinct large papule
  • Bulla - large vesicle (blisters if epidermal layer completely sloughed off)
  • Wheal – firm and edematous plaque (edema of the dermis)


  • Plaque/scaley papule
  • Eschar
  • Erosion/ulcer
  • Purpura/petechia
  • Plaque/smooth papule

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis

Neonatal Rashes


Neonatal rashes visual diagnosis



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