Osmosis partnership


WikEM is currently collaborating with another medical education company, Osmosis. Osmosis was created by Shiv Galgani and Ryan Haynes, two medical students from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They have been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a large bank of medical education questions under an open (Creative Commons CC BY-SA) license. You can discover more about this grant here. Through their work, they have crowdsourced. These questions and other medical education content will be found under the non-profit Open Osmosis, a resource that will be live November 2015.

Opportunity for Residents and Attendings

Working with medical students, Osmosis has produced around 650 emergency medicine questions so far. They are now seeking EM residents and attendings to double-check their work and make revisions where necessary. Osmosis is paying EM residents/attendings $1 per question reviewed (marked ready to be published) and $5 for any question that needs to be extensively revised or rewritten, as well as making a donation to WikEM for helping with this process.


If you are interested in helping revise the question pack and making some extra money, fill out the form at: Application Form. Osmosis will send out an email shortly thereafter on next-steps. Direct any questions about the process to thasin.jaigirdar@vanderbilt.edu and CC shiv@osmosis.org with the Subject Title: Osmosis Revision WikEM. Osmosis is also looking for spot-checkers for their question pack as well, and if you are interested in helping out on that front, please email them.